28 Apr 2011

Chinese Courtyard House (Siheyuan)

the size of the courtyard house is depending on wealth of the family that live in.

it also becomes the basic design for the temple and palaces.

siheyuan is enclosed by buildings and walls for privacy and protection from burglary

there is also no windows on the outside walls (Chinese beliefs that bad spirit can only move in a straight line/blocks their access to the interior).

there is only single opening on the front gate for the access into the house.

the house is facing south. this is against the direction of evil spirit or bad omen that might harm the family that live in the house entirely.

the layout plan of the courtyard house in which the hierarchy of the family is indicate by the distance of the rooms from the front gate.

two courtyard house.

Four-sided courtyard house.
Three-sided courtyard house

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