28 Apr 2011

Rumah Gadang

what is it?????
also known as rumah bagonjong (house with horn like roof) is the traditional minangkabau people house.

this house is owned by the woman of the family who become the head of minang family.

this is because, in minangkabau society, matrilineal is become their major things in the society in which the

family relation is more to on mothers side(woman)
this is a long house with rectangular plan
this house, like other south east Asian house is built on stilt and constructed with no single nails.
this is to make the process of transferring the house from one place to another become more easier as they 
practice 'merantau' or traveling from one place to another.
 Rumah gadang has multi-tiered roof with horn like appearance
there are also small battens and rafters for the purpose of roof structure
main material that is used to construct this house is timber which is very available on the surrounding area.
the type of timber that they used such as cengal and other type of harwood.

the shutter windows come with external carving and painted

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