28 Apr 2011

SpotQuestion - Stupa (The Great Sanchi Stupa)

The Great Sanchi Stupa.

- Ashoka Maurya (arkchitect) is one of the most famous Buddhist ruler in India.
- Stupas were mounds covering the relics of buddha or his followers.
- Symbol of final release for the circle of birth and rebirth.
- Also as Cosmic symbol.
- Hemispherical shape represent the world.


- Focal point of long area is around 91m high turf.
- 36.5m diametres.
- 16.5m height.
- Balustrade are found at the surrounding of the entire structure.
- 4 gateways are ornamented by toranas. (east, north, sourth, and west)

Eastern Torana.
- show depiction of buddha's journey towards enlightenment.

Northern Torana.
- crowned by a wheel of lows illustrates the miracles which associated with buddha.

Southern Torana.
- the most important and the oldest torana.

Western Torana.
- gateways depict the scenes from the 7 incarnation of the buddhas.

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