5 Apr 2011

Thailand.. Siam.. is it a same thing ??

Assalamualaikum ..
HELLO !! hee~

For the 1st time in this blog ..
I would like to introduce myself..my name is Aima.. ^_^
Sorry for the late..very latey-late update..from me..
It's because..it is so hard to get to the internet connection..
neither at the Studio or even at my college..
kjp sihat kjp x internet ni.. sian dia..
Ni pun pegi online kat library A.S.A.P lepas habis history class tadi..
Sementara tengah semangat nak buat blog ni, baik pegi terus..ye dok?
Xya lengah2..nanti.. smpi entah bila la baru bole dapat update..

Ok, without wasting any minute or second..
Today's topic is............ headline : THAILAND.. SIAM.. IS IT A SAME THING ?? ..
Well.. as far as I know..as I thought..before this, Thailand is a country, whereas Siam or Siamese is a name called for the people who were originally comes from Thailand..

But, after I've done a small research on the internet..
You see, actually today the country of Siam is called Thailand. It is a country in Southeast Asia that was called Siam until June 1939, it was then called Thailand until 1945, and then it was called Siam again between 1945 and 1949, when it was once again called Thailand back. If u notice, the word thai comes from the ethnic group in the centre of the Thailand. And the capital city is Bangkok. It was such a huge city as like in New York. Never been there actually, but 'em.. just hear it from other people ^^.
But I really want to go there :) . InsyaAllah, one day..
And don't forget that Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that was not ruled by Western countries due to its westernised system of the government at that time.

Further information on Thailand..


Thailand's FLAG

Thailand Political Map

Do you know.. many people believe that the first Thai state was the Buddhist kingdom named Sukhothai founded in 1238 ? Well, I guess it is. Sukhothai achieved independence from the kingdom of Cambodia. Well..about a century later, a bigger Thai kingdom named Ayuthaya had appeared in the South of Sukhothai.
But then, later Sukhothai became a part of Ayuthaya. It's kind of vice versa to me..isn't it?
I don't know..
Ok, Ayuthaya existed for more than 400 years before its fall by the attack of a Burmese kingdom. A Thai soldier of Chinese origin then founded a new capital city at Thonburi, and became King Taksin. For your information, Thonburi was the capital but just for a short period of time.
Then, in the new era a.k.a current era or in simple term pada zaman or saat ini, Rattanakosin, started on the foundation of Bangkok as the capital city by King Rama I of Chakri Dynasty.
But before 1932, Thailand was an absolute power country, meaning that the King had THE total power in the country. Kuasa mutlak ke atas negara Thailand..
Then, on June 24, 1932, a group of people staged a coup a.k.a rampasan kuasa and changed Thailand to a constitutional monarchy, iaitu menjadi sebuah negara raja berperlembagaan. It was not until 1973 that Thai people vote for a Prime Minister in an election. There were coups both before and after this year, banyak rampasan kuasa yang berlaku diantara sebelum dan selepas tahun pemilihan perdana menteri tu..
On September 19, 2006, the army staged another coup and took control from Thaksin Shinawatra's government.
Hmm, masih terdapat beberapa isu-isu negara yang saya pun kurang pasti..
Tak nak la pakai cite je..karang tak betul.. habis.. kn?
If u guys wanna know more 'bout the Thailand country histories.. buat la research kat internet ni.. syok pe.. berfaedah lagi.. Search la..then bole kita share2 information tu.. kan best tu.. hihihi ^^

As for me, InsyaAllah.. kalau diberi kesempatan waktu, masa yang lapang dan tenaga yang banyak dan mencukupi dan tidak ketinggalan juga line internet yang laju..sebab kalau nak update blog, line kena laju, kalau tak, ntah bile la br post tu akn di-postkn kt blog tu..
Ok, whatever it is, my groupmates and I will try our best to keep up on the updates for this blog..
Updates about anything that my friends and I would like to share with all of you ok ? :)

Sebelum saya akhiri 'typing' saya ni, saya ingin memohon maaf kepada anda semua jika saya ada tersilap kata, terkasar bahasa atau pun apa-apa sahaja yang boleh mengguris hati dan perasaan anda sekalian..

P/S : segala kata-kata lawak ke pape ke.. hanyalah gurauan semata-mata k.. don't take it
        serious.. SMILE ALWAYS ^_^

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